The Sense of Dying to Belong in “Blu’s Hanging”

A theme that occurred to me recently that can be seen in “Bl’s Hanging” is the sense of dying to belong. We can see o=it occur within all the children as they try to cope and make it in the world after their mother’s life. Each child is stuck trying to find their purpose in life and deal with their struggles they each have. All they want to do really is find peace within their selves and live out their lives that were destined to them. Prime example, Ivah wanting to go off to school after her mother dies and she is left to raise her younger siblings. Her father, Poppy, even blames her for abandoning her siblings by making this decision. All Ivah really wanting to do is make something out of her life, get past her mother’s death, and do something to help better herself as a person. Instead, she is looked at as the “bad guy” by her father for wanting to do so. She is dying to belong and live her life as a child (which she still is). However, childhood has been taken away from her before she even gets a chance to live it. Her mother dies, her father turns to drugs to cope, which leaves her no choice but to help raise her siblings—losing her childhood She’s curious to know what it is like to live that childhood life, be able to go to school, get an education, and do the things she sees other children doing. Instead, adulthood has already met her with an unanswered childhood being left behind her for her to only dream about. A sense of dying belong is heavily seen throughout the text.


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