Instructions for Blog Post #9 – Topic Brainstorming

For your ninth blog post (and its comments), you will be doing two separate steps.

The first step is to write a blog post that introduces your final paper topic. This is due before class time on Tuesday, March 29th.  This blog post should include the following:

  • The subject line should tell us the text you will be writing about and the topic.  A good example would be “Language and Gender in The Handmaid’s Tale.”
  • The body of your post–the actual post itself–will answer three questions.  Be sure to think about this questions before you jump straight to writing them.
  1. What do you know about the topic and the text that influences your why you chose it, especially since you had a lot of freedom in choosing your topic/text?  What key moments in the text will be useful for you in your final paper?
  2. What do you not know about your topic/text?  What aspects of the topic/text seem difficult to write about or understand even? List questions that you would like to answer by investigating this topic further (these should literally be questions and they should be numbered).
  3. Finally, why did you choose this topic/text?  Since you could have written about so many different topics/texts, why THIS one?

The second step is to comment on EVERYBODY’S Blog Post #9.  This is due by 11:59pm on Thursday, March 31st.

Your comments should include the following:

  1. Since each student posted specific questions they want to answer in their final papers, you, the commenter, should let the student know which question you found the most interesting.  It could be one of the author’s questions, or one a commenter added to the list.
  2. Now, add a question of your own to the person’s list (continue the numbering system the original author began. For example, if the person listed 4 questions and no one else has commented yet, then yours would be #5. If the person listed 4 questions and two commenters added a 5th and 6th question, then yours would be #7).
  3. Feel free to add anything else that you think would be helpful to the person.

Additional information: Since each student will be making 16 comments this week rather than the usual 2, the comments grade will be much higher than the usual 10 points.  Each comment will still be worth 5 points, so the comments grade this week will be worth  80 points.

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