The Library as a Symbol of Hope

The library stands as a symbol of hope for the people of Antigua. Although it has been over 10 years since the library was damaged the sign states “REPAIRS ARE PENDING” (Kincaid 42). The use of the word pending indicates that the government of Antigua believes in the educational purpose a library serves and plans to keep it as a valued part of society. Although the library was operational during the days of colonial rule, its now damaged state is a constant attribution to the shift from colonialism to self-rule, a further symbol of hope for the country of Antigua.  The library serves as a microcosm for the country of Antigua as a whole as each shifts from colonial to self-rule.  “Repairs are pending” as both the library and country are learning how to be self-sufficient.

Libraries serve as a place of education, so only those wanting to educate themselves would go to one. The natives of Antigua must first want to better themselves, and then they will find the appropriate funds for the library. Libraries can also serve as a place of escape, as one can be lost in history or in a fictional novel. The natives of Antigua could use this as an escape of their everyday life if they realized the importance of an operating library. Another reason having a library does not appear important to the people of Antigua is their lack of having a culture. Although there is a Minister of Culture appointed Kincaid points out, “in places where there is a Minister of Culture it means there is no culture”. (Kincaid 49) Perhaps the people of Antigua should focus on developing a culture of their own and with time a library too would arise.



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  1. looloo14

    I think it is interesting that you suggest the people of Antigua must first develop a culture and then a library will naturally ensue. It would make sense that if the people of a nation have a tight-knit identity and culture, they would form together and work towards getting a library. However, it begs the question: are Antiguans capable of forming a new culture? They used to have one long before the British colonized the island and implemented their own identity. This is what left the nation detached from its own identity. Now that generations of Antiguans have been stripped of their true culture, it seems that there is a grim chance that it will be revived.

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