Gorvernment Corruption, Preventing Self-Rule

The prevalence of widespread corruption is one of the key factors preventing the country of Antigua from succeeding in successful self-rule. In Antigua corruption is not found just among the natives, but throughout the government as well. Kincaid assumes the majority of her readers will be somewhat educated on colonialism and she attempts to tug at their conscience with, “and so you needn’t let that slightly funny feeling you have from time to time about exploitation, oppression, domination develop into full-fledged unease, discomfort; you could ruin your holiday.” (Kincaid 10) Although she assumes most readers have an idea that corruption was widespread through the colonial period, she is able to provide us with specific examples.

Kincaid goes on even further with corruption and implies that “the government is for sale” (Kincaid 47). How can an institution as important as the government be for sale? This is truly disturbing to me not just as a reader, by as a citizen of a country myself. I can not imagine my government being sold as some common commodity to the highest bidder. If that were the case, the country would always be re-organizing itself after the next highest bidder took over. One of the problems resulting from a corrupt government is that “all government services are bad” (Kincaid 60). This has widespread consequences for the country as a whole. How is a country going to be self-reliant when the education system is lacking and most of the young people appear illiterate? The citizens of Antigua must come together as a country and work toward the greater good to eliminate corruption within their government and society as a whole so that they may thrive as a country.


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