Instructions for Blog Post #8 – A Small Place

Kincaid’s focus on the library in A Small Place is an important aspect of the text.  She tells us that she read books as a small child, even stole some.  So, she personally feels some connection to the library, but there is a more important connection she makes between the library and the whole nation of Antigua.  What is the connection she is making?

How does the library act as a microcosm (and an extended metaphor and a symbol) for Antigua?  It is not simply that the library shows the never-changing, always-the-same mentality of some people on the island, but it does something more?

Think about who goes to libraries, what types of people, and how such people use the libraries.

**Do not argue that the library is simply a symbol of nothing changing for the good in Antigua.

As always:

  • Give your post a good title.
  • Add tags (keywords) to the post.
  • Posts must be at least 250 words.
  • Posts must include at least one quotation from Kincaid’s text.
  • Stay focused on answering the prompt. Avoid repeating the question and be as specific as possible in your answer.  Remember to clarify the importance of your post.  Don’t just tell us that something is “important”; rather explain why it is important.
  • Make an argument.  Don’t summarize the text.
  • Use specific moments from Atwood’s book to support and illustrate your argument.
  • Be sure to introduce, quote, cite, and comment on all quotations.

This response is due before class on Thursday, March 17th. Blog comments (at least 2) are due before class on Tuesday, March 21st.


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