Instructions for Blog #3 – An Enemy of the People

Sorry for these instructions being posted later than normal.

By Tuesday (2/1/11), we will all have finished An Enemy of the People.  This play has so much in it!  It’s about the “liberal-minded independent press” and the “compact majority.”  It’s about individual rights (what rights each of us has as citizens); it’s about government, environmentalism, business, capitalism.  It’s about being ostracized in a community (i.e., being alienated or estranged).  What do you think this play is mostly about?

For blog post #3, write a post that answers the following question: What it is An Enemy of the People about, according to you?

Questions that might help get you thinking:  What, in your opinion, ultimately leads to the problems in the town and their baths?  Is it the business aims of the tourist industry (competition with other spa towns), or is it the business aims pertaining to the tanneries?  Is it democracy, namely the ability to vote in people like Peter Stockmann as director/mayor?  Or is it something else?  Do any of the characters act immorally or unethically?  Would you have done things differently if you were Peter, Thomas, or someone else?

As usual, your posts should follow these requirements:

  • Give your post a good title.
  • Add tags (keywords) to the post.
  • Posts must be at least 250 words.
  • Posts must include at least one quotation from Ibsen’s play.
  • Stay focused on answering one of the prompt questions above. Avoid repeating the question and be as specific as possible in your answer.  Remember to clarify the importance of your post.  Don’t just tell us that something is “important”; rather explain why it is important.
  • Make an argument.  Don’t summarize the text.
  • Use specific moments from Ibsen’s play (or other texts if applicable) to support and illustrate your argument.
  • Be sure to introduce, quote, cite, and comment on all quotations.

This response is due before class on Tuesday, February 1st. Blog comments (at least 2) are due before class on Thursday, February 3rd.


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