Welcome to our class’ blog!

Hi all!

This is the course blog for our LIT 2120, section 3616, for Spring 2011.  Through this blog, you will be doing a minimum of two things:

  1. responding to questions I pose for our readings throughout the semester, and
  2. you will also be commenting on your fellow students’ responses.

In order for us to have successful class discussions, you need to be prepared to discuss the material fully, to think about it acutely, and — most importantly — to talk about it clearly.  Thus, our course blog is a space where you can form your analyses, questions, and thoughts about the readings.  Not only will you be posting about, say, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, but you’ll also be reading and responding to other students’ thoughts about The Tempest or Kafka’s “In The Penal Colony” or some classic fairy tales.  This blog will be a place to write about both how you felt about a piece of literature but, more importantly, what you thought about it.

Finally, if you haven’t already, you need to sign up for a WordPress.com account — don’t create your own blog since you will be posting on this one. Instead, sign up for an account only. Note the e-mail address you use to sign up, as I will need it to add you as a contributor to this blog.


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